Do I Qualify?

All employers with at least one employee are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance and all employees have explicit rights regarding work-related illnesses and injuries. Any employee who is injured on the job has the right to file a workers’ compensation claim, even if they were not performing their normal job duties at the time.

You are not automatically entitled to workers’ compensation benefits just because a claim is filed. Your claim is reviewed, and multiple factors determine if you are qualified to receive compensation. These factors include:

  • The type of injury or illness
  • If you followed the correct procedures to inform your supervisor of your injury or illness
  • If you filled out the claims documents correctly
  • If you went go to all of the medical appointments necessary to verify and treat the illness or injury
  • If you sent in all of the requested additional information
  • If the illness or injury is clearly associated with a work-related incident or accident

Many people do not qualify for workers’ compensation simply because they do not appropriately report their illnesses or injuries. Some people do not report their injury right away because of fear of retaliation. However, it is necessary to report your injury even if it does not seem serious at first. Some conditions get worse with time, but if you do not report it in a timely manner, you may not qualify for compensation later.