Why do I Need a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

In some cases, the Massachusetts workers’ compensation claim process is relatively uncomplicated, but this is not usually the case. Most claims are quite intricate and too challenging for an individual to handle alone. In construction or industrial accidents, for example, many workers receive benefits that are not sufficient to maintain their standard of living after suffering an injury on site. Massachusetts law permits workers to sue owners, general and subcontractors, architects, and manufacturers of defective products to receive adequate compensation in a personal injury claim. Our team offers lawyers with construction and industrial expertise to include elevator and scaffold accidents; injuries caused by explosions, machinery, or faulty equipment; injury or illness caused by exposure to dangerous chemicals; injuries from falls; back and brain injuries; and even accidents in which workers have become paraplegic, quadriplegic, or paralyzed.

To choose the right workers’ compensation lawyer, it is important to remember that workers’ compensation is a very complicated process. An attorney must be thoroughly educated in the complexities of the Workers’ Compensation Act and the intricate administrative processes employed at the Department of Industrial Accidents. The attorney must also be knowledgeable of the medical issues that are so often a crucial element in the workers’ compensation claim process. Due to ongoing changes in the law, it is important to obtain legal advice as early as possible regarding your rights under the Workers’ Compensation Act. It is also important to know that no attorney is allowed to charge a client directly for services in a workers’ compensation case.

Our attorneys specialize in workers’ compensation and are able to guide you through your entire claim process. They are also helpful if you believe you were wrongfully terminated as a result of your injury or illness, even if you received your workers’ compensation benefits. Additionally, our lawyers are paid on a contingency basis, so there are never any out of pocket costs to you. We only get paid if you do.